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youre a lush and i hate it
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Sunday, March 5th, 2006
12:30 am
what ever happened to snl?
i realize that i havent updated my journal since forever. and i am currently slightly intoxicated at this moment. margaritas and car bombs. bad combo.
but the topic at hand...why isnt saturday night live funny anymore. i am watching 'best of phil hartman' and 'best of mike meyers'. both of which are exponentially more funny than all snl's since. oh well.
thank goodness for he $5.50 bin at wal*mart or i would never laugh.

Current Mood: drunk
Sunday, August 28th, 2005
6:48 am
life is good-ish.
=w= is coming back to cleveland, which is cool.
but my concert buddy may not be able to go...which is sad.
but its becasue he might have a new baby, which is cool!
(its my brother, dont think im going with some dead beat dad!)

holly's wedding plans are moving along. our dresses should be in pretty soon.
im gonna be so pretty!
AND holly says im allowed to wear my fishnets, and i quote 'id like it if you got the ones with the lines up
the back, those are awesome.'
i have the best friend ever.

tonight is car bomb night. which means getting yelled at by dan for drinking too much.
hmm...oh well.

i slept through my senior citizen picnic today. charlotte will be upset.
i went to take a nap at noon, the party wasnt until 4pm, but i didnt wake up unitl 6:30pm.
i think i was tired.
and well i should be. i actually worked somuch these past two weeks...i got OT!

tim II broke up with his girl from fla. and hes being all friendly again.
poo on him.

tim I is still having his fake relationship with that other girl.
too bad shes got a wedding to go to on the day on the weezer concert.
ha! serves you right for being a terrible person.


Current Mood: indescribable
Friday, June 17th, 2005
2:59 pm
honestly, bronchitis...in the summer?
my two least favorite things.
heat and illness.
nothing like being on your death bed in 97 degree weather.
i went to the doctors and got some atb's but they arent working.
i think ill just get my neck amputated.
they when people say 'youve got a good head on your shoulders'
they will mean it literally.

holly and dan got engaged on saturday.
the wedding is the saturday that is in thanksgiving weekend.
should be fun.
holly bought her dress yesterday. its totally her. little bow and all.
beth and i have to go dress shopping soon.
22 weeks.

hopefully i actually like the dresses this time.
hey, i got big dreams.

back to packing. gotta move next weekend. well, at least by july the 3rd.

Current Mood: sick
Sunday, June 5th, 2005
1:40 am
missed me, missed me.
now you gotta kiss me.

irish car bombs.
i could drink them all night.
the best part is since you have to chug them, you can do an entire six pack before the buzz sets in.
then its like a suprise present five minutes after you're done drinking.

and we found a liquor store where the irish cream is only $7 a bottle.

Current Mood: i think its just the guinness
Saturday, June 4th, 2005
12:48 am
i feel like a stupid teenager. and i'm much too old for that.
i should be past the 'i hate my parents' phase.
but if my parents kept constantly butting into your business, i'm sure you'd hate them too.
they are good people. and they do a lot for other people.
they care.
they are concerned.
they just want to help.
they are going to make me move far far away and never visit them.

my dad is complaining that we never spend any quality time with him.
and the only time we talk is when he tells me how im screwing up my life and how he can fix it.
hmm...i honstly cant figure out why we dont hang out more.

its entirely to frustrating to formulate complete thoughts about how it makes me feel.
i honestly dont know what i'm going to do.
i am at the end of the rope that i'm going to hang them with...
and then i get a random 'the joys of living in texas' package in the mail.
so i'm thinking of moving.

it will be better this way.
but this time next year, i will not be in ohio.
or i will be even more bitter.

Current Mood: irritated
Monday, May 30th, 2005
3:40 pm
i dont wanna come back down from this cloud
saturday night...
oh what a night.

if it had just been 10 bands in 2 hours, that would have been sweet.
but what would you say if one of those bands was jonny's band?
off the charts.

jonny, guinness, bread and meat, bellows, mind clouds, beat down stories, gay hunters, milk shakes, that guy that i SWEAR was glenn and me.
i couldnt ask for a better night.
the 8 hours of driving was sooooooo worth it.
did you know that there are no cops in indiana?
i guess all the jesus radio is supposed to keep you from breaking the law.
(and if anyone is counting, i got up at 7 am on saturdy and FINALLY went to bed at 0130 on monday.)


now off to my picnic.

Current Mood: exhausted
Friday, May 6th, 2005
8:45 am
hard work does really pay off
so, that review of the detroit show on the karls korner?
yeah, thats me.

thats hot.

Current Mood: nerdy
1:29 am
=w= =w= =w= =w= =w= =w=
holy sassmaster...the boys are back in town!

today started like any other day.
well, i lied.

i had to work last night and thats a good thing, because i would have been up all night anyway.
since my cinco de mayo would be spent trying to get =w= to notice me.
and it worked a little.

once i got off work, i calmly drove home and went to bed which was dumb since i kept waking up every half hour paniced
that i over slept and i missed the entire weezer show.
so finally the time came to get up and i was ready in about 20 min. which is a miracle in of it self.
went to my brothers house to wait for him to go to work. burned a '=w= travel disc' which means i just made a copy of 'make believe' for the car ride to detroit. (jonny, i owe you big!)

so finally we're on the road and it was a very uneventful trip, which is a good thing since i did about 95mph the entire way there.
doors opened at 6:30p and we got there at about 6p.
the line was three blocks long...but every one was distracted because KARL was outside video taping all the people waiting...so i
made my way over to him to chat him up.
we talked about how riverdance was playing down the street...and we were on our way to see a 'river dance' of our very own.
that karl, hes a funny guy.
then the line just started following me when the doors opened.
so instead of waiting in the gi-normous line..i was about the 8th person in the building.
the gods of rock were apparently smiling down on me :)

so once we got inside..we chilled for about an hour.
i used my girly ways to convince a security guard to let us put chairs right next to the mixing board (that broken tail bone excuse comes in very handy).
so we had awesome spots and for the first time ever I COULD SEE EVERYTHING!
the set list was pretty much the same as chicago the night before.
and again, thanks to mr. 'i got any song you could possibly need or want even if it hasnt actually been released'(yeah, jonny, thats you <3), i knew all the new songs off 'make believe'.

then we went to the bar next door for a little bit to wait for traffic to die down a little, and then on to home.

FIVE FREAKIN' MINUTES fro home we got pulled over for speeding (thank goodness i wasnt driving)
and here's how the conversation went:

cop: where are you kids coming from?
bro: detroit
cop: you mean the city?
bro: uh, yeah.
cop: what were you doing there?
bro: my sister and i went to see a concert.
cop: who?
bro: weezer.
cop: wee...zer?
bro: yeah, weezer.
cop: you drove to another state to see a band called weezer?
bro: yes.
me: i have a couple of their cd's. do you want one? they're really good if you like rock music.
cop: i cant accept things from people that i pull over.
me: oh well, you should go buy some then.
cop: i dont know about that, kids. just slow down, will ya? youre not on the highway anymore.
bro: sure thing.
cop: and enjoy your music.

best pull over ever.
no ticket.
and teaching cops how to rock.

Current Mood: giddy
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
3:47 pm
rice?? i knew it!
i thought i was too old to need to write how i feel.
i guess you are never too old for that.

i just got back from a trip to ky to visit jerm and tab. great time!
it was a lot of fun. chilled a lot. watched rat race. how was i supposed to know that holly had never seen it? good thing i took care of that.
poor andrew. that rash and a crush on rachel. i doubt he gets any sleep at night.

last weekend i was in iowa and i met this super awesome guy. we hit it off totally. then being the total chicken that i am, i didnt get any digits. but i kicked myself later and called trevor and he said hed
talk to the guy for me. so that was cool. untill he actually talked to the guy.

'im not interested in dating right now, but maryclaire is awesome and hilarious. i need to stay friends with her.'
'well, you know what can happen if you guys become friends...'
'yeah, i do. and that would be cool.'

exactly what the heck does that mean?
and what am i supposed to do with that information?
am i supposed to be ok with that?
is that meant to make me happy?
i love being on the back burner.
yes, oh please, please let me be the girl that you settle for.
arent we a little old to be playing games?
i am beyond sick and tired of stupid people. can it possible get any worse?
yes. yes it can. my best friend is about to get engaged.
bridesmaid. again. that makes six.
im not exactly sure why i try any more.
as a matter of fact, i quit.
i think the 'bitter old maid' suits me rather well.


Current Mood: cynical
Monday, February 16th, 2004
1:38 am
why does everyone love u2? i cant deal with it. are they that great? does this say something about my taste in music?
bono has to be one of the most annoying people on the planet, and yes, i know a lot of people on the planet.
what makes me bring this up?
it's about a boy. he's addicted to u2. favorite band. and he was harassing me for listening to co + ca. donkey.

i currently have $0.43 in my checking account and the bill collectors are calling me. i finally got cleared to go back to work. it's about time. went back yesterday. it was good to be back. i missed my job. i like what i do.

my parents leave for three weeks on thursday. that will be nice for them...and me.
i'm sick of dealing with their crap. everytime i am with them we talk about three things:
1) why i am still single
2) money
3) how i can make myself a better person so i wont be single anymore
and they wonder why i dont like to spend time with them.
that's a tough one, smart-o.

i'm done.

Current Mood: drained
Saturday, February 14th, 2004
1:31 am
is this the way a toy feels when it's batteries run dry?
so where'd you go?
how was your vacation home?
well obviously you were busy, to busy for me.
so this is how you leave me.
i'm broken hearted on the floor my.
tears seep through the crack under my door, where I am locked in.
shut down.
i'm so tired of picking myself up off the ground.
so happy valentines day.
i hope the suns out in new york.
i hope he bought you roses.

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, January 15th, 2004
1:48 am
can life suck anymore?
i am finally feeling better. i have actually gotten out of the house. besides benjamin coming picking me up to watch football. i decided to go to the mall today. just for kicks. and to buy halo for my brother. it's cleveland in the winter. i am a pretty good driver for a girl. and in bad conditions i am really good for a girl.

driving, driving, driving.
and the road turns.
i do not.
want to know how i stopped?
that lovely phone pole that is on the side of the road.
so now i have a pain in my shoulder and my neck that i did not have before.
god, this sucks.
can my life suck anymore?

yes. it can. my mother told me to stop wasting my life and get married.

any takers?

Current Mood: sore
Monday, January 5th, 2004
3:54 am
here's your sign...
lots of crap.
i broke my tailbone.

i am amazing.

talk to you later.

Current Mood: depressed
Monday, December 8th, 2003
3:58 am
aye? savvy?
as of right now...
my current favorite movie is pirates of the caribbean.
and hot.

i love pirates. the ultimate bad boys.

trio minus 2 days.
must sleep now. baby sitting the peanut in the am. i love that kid.


Current Mood: cold
Friday, December 5th, 2003
3:37 am
back in black
yeah, i went blonde for a while, what's it to ya?
it was not more fun. i like being dark. that is more fun. i talked to jon the other day. he's doing good. better than expected. nana leaves for australia tomorrow. she's all excited. she's going to have a great time. crazy long flight though. hmm...let's see what else.
our dresses came in for the wedding. lisa was wearing her wedding dress around the house. that was odd. mostly cause i remember her as a baby. and now she's getting married. makes me feel real old. and alone at times. i mean, the only person that i have ever seriously dated, hates my guts. does that say something about me as a person? what if i am as horrible as he says i am? no one has ever know me like timothy knew me. could it be true? once you get to know me you'll hate me? i guess that, just in case he's right, i am going to have to work on accepting the fact that i prolly will grow to be one of those old ladies with a dog. at least my dog likes me. i've got that going for me.
sorry to get all deep and introspective..but it is my journal.
tuesday is the alkaline trio show and john and lisa are not going now. just me and some guys.
should still be cool.
i have nothing else to say.
i am off to contemplate my lonely future.


Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, November 30th, 2003
10:55 pm
i've got a book of matches and a can of kerosene

it's going to be rad. and i did find something to wear. i am going to be the most innocent punk slut ever.


Current Mood: ecstatic
Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
10:08 pm
honestly, who does that?
life is going good. i dont have much to complain about. work is still facinating. and yes, i still love my job. my cousins wedding plans are coming along. our dresses should be in soon. but i am still working on my plus one. we shall see. jon leaves tomorrow in the early am. i am bummin' about that. cleveland is going to be strange with out him. but we shall overcome this difficulty. ben got the alkaline trio tickets yesterday. i am hella excited about that. john, lisa, doug, justin, ross, ben and me. quite the concert crew. let the carefully planned unplanned outfit hunting begin. i must look at the second hand store by my house. i just hope that man that smells like pee is not there again. that's a real turn off. but yeah. so not much is new with me. my freind jessica is attempting to hook me up with this guy that is way adorable. and the problem you ask? he knows how adorable he is. i think he may be in love with himself. but hey, i'll try anything once. ok...it's time for me to close this entry...for my new x box awaits. must kill.


Current Mood: dorky
Friday, October 31st, 2003
9:27 pm
short and sweet
heh...that describes me too.
well maybe not the sweet part.
holly is pissed at me because i left her party with erik.
holly is pissed because erik asked me to leave hollys party with him.
sucks to be holly.


Current Mood: devious
Friday, October 17th, 2003
5:53 pm
my world is crashing down around me
i have not been this unhappy in a very long time. well, at least not with out reason. i would be content to hide out in my house and NEVER leave again. except to go to the store to get diet pepsi and toilet paper. maybe.
i am way too old for this depressed blues crap, but i cant help it. life has become pointless for me.
i went out with this guy last week and i just wanted to go home. its not that i didnt enjoy
him, the company was great, but i just wanted to be home in my pj's sitting on the couch. i wish i knew what was wrong with me. it may have something to do with the fact that i lost two of my friends to some new girl. the three of us had plans to go out of town next weekend, hotel and everything and they just called and said "um, sorry but we are going to stephanies next weekend and there is no room for you."
what am i supposed to do with that?
am i supposed to care?
should i let this bother me?
either way...i am insanely unhappy right now and the fact that my cousin is getting married and i have to see my ex-boyfriend all the time now isnt helping either. so if you dont see or hear from me for a while, dont worry. i have become a hermit and i like it that way. i see no reason to leave the house. i see no reason to make new friends. i just end up getting hurt. so if i dont open myself up to anyone, that cant happen. right?


Current Mood: depressed
Monday, October 13th, 2003
7:20 pm
home sweet home
so i have moved and life is good.
i went to detroit last week and i saw piebald, mxpx, brand new, and dashboard. god, that was amazing. and then i talked to jonny! that was a bonus. and the cubs are winning. i dont have much to complain about, really. except that i am still sick and my best friend told his friends that he thinks i am in love with him. very un true. lets not talk about that.
moving on...
i am tired and i have to go to work tonight.


Current Mood: dorky
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